Remote Working for Employees

Jay Auto Group Stays Ahead of the Curve with VPN Access

The Ask:

Staying ahead of the curve, Jay Auto Group in January 2020 looked to its IT outsource provider, Knowtion, to prepare them for remote access for their nearly 400 employees across 6 locations. Many of the employees had access to their PCs at work using LogMeIn Central and now it was time to create a more “in-office” remote experience. The goal was to have employees with laptops connect to the network and have their experience identical to when they connected to the office network.

Knowtion’s Response:

Knowtion leveraged the infrastructure already put in place at their 6 locations in Akron and Bedford, OH. Utilizing features of their Dell Sonicwall firewalls, Knowtion was able to:

  • Create secure logins via the Sonicwall Global VPN client for all personnel that needed remote access
  • Effectively use VPN licensing to limit the cost outlay
  • Create and distribute Quick Reference Guides for employees to download and use the toolset

The Results:

Jay leadership and remote employees were able to work from their PCs from any location with internet – as if they were sitting at their own desks. This solution became even more important during the COVID-19 outbreak as more companies moved workers to home locations.

Remote Work VPN

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