Transforming Digital Presence at Maymont Homes

Case Study: Transforming Digital Presence at Maymont Homes

Client: Maymont Homes (formerly Conrex)
Industry: Real Estate
Provided by: Knowtion


Maymont Homes, a prominent single-family real estate company, faced challenges with their outdated website, originally created by RealPages. The site’s static nature, lack of comprehensive analytics, and reliance on third-party iframes for property listings hindered its performance and user experience.


To rebrand and revamp the Maymont Homes website into a dynamic, scalable, and user-friendly platform that could handle real-time property updates and provide insightful analytics.


Knowtion, renowned for software development and marketing websites, took on this challenge. We engineered a complete overhaul of the existing website, focusing on:

  • Dynamic Content Integration: Leveraging advanced programming, we integrated a native listing and search functionality for properties, updated multiple times daily through an upstream API.

  • Scalability and Load Testing: Our team ensured the new site could handle high traffic volumes and data updates without compromising performance.

  • Rich User Experience: We transformed the user interface, making it more engaging and intuitive, aligning it with Maymont Homes’ new brand identity.

  • Advanced Analytics: Implementing robust Google Analytics, we provided Maymont Homes with deeper insights into visitor behaviors and preferences.


The new Maymont Homes website, crafted by Knowtion, marked a significant leap forward:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The user-friendly and dynamic interface led to increased visitor engagement and longer session durations.

  • Real-Time Property Listings: The direct integration of property listings ensured up-to-date information, improving customer trust and satisfaction.

  • Scalable Performance: The website successfully handled increased traffic, demonstrating robustness during peak usage.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: The advanced analytics empowered Maymont Homes to make informed marketing and operational decisions.

Client Testimonial:

“Knowtion’s expertise in web development transformed our digital presence. Their ability to integrate complex systems into a user-friendly website has been a game changer for our online real estate business.” – [Client’s Name], [Position], Maymont Homes


Knowtion’s work with Maymont Homes is a testament to our ability to handle complex web integration and programming needs. We are ready to help other mid-size to large companies in achieving a seamless digital transformation.

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