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    Public Health Awareness – Facebook

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    The Ask:

    Lake County Health District was looking for a nimble and cost-sensitive marketing partner to communicate effectively with Lake County residents regarding COVID-19. The goals were to rapidly increase awareness related to reduction of transmission and available resources in the community while increasing visibility of LCGHD’s resources (main website, Facebook page, Motivate Lake County site).

    Knowtion’s Response:

    Knowtion rapidly assembled a team to address the need by:

    • Creating and delivering highly targeted ads via Facebook to Lake County residents
      • Creating custom messaging and ad copy
      • Sourcing royalty-free images that were designed to capture audience attention per demographic
      • Creating unique calls to action to drive residents to the appropriate knowledge resources and contact points
      • Working with 3rd party (hChoices) to tune/prepare landing pages on Motivate Lake County
      • Working with 3rd party (hChoices) to ready platform and enable email newsletter sign-ups
    • Audience Segments and ads were  defined as follows:
    DemographicMessagingPopulation Identified and Targeted via Faceboook
    Businesses OwnersCoronavirus: learn how to help keep our Lake County workforce healthy with these tips for businesses.4.6k
    Business Owners, Managers, ExecutivesCoronavirus: learn how to help keep your environment safe for customers and patrons with these tips for Lake County businesses.4.6k
    SeniorsCoronavirus: as an elderly person in Lake County, please take the time to learn how to avoid getting infected.32k aged 60+
    Healthy PopulationCoronavirus: tips for Lake County residents to help avoid infection and spread of COVID-19.110k aged 18-60
    County-Wide PopulationCoronavirus: tips for at-risk residents (diabetes, heart disease, lung disease) in Lake County to help avoid infection.13k with interest in topics related to diabetes, lung-disease, heart-disease

    The Results:

    In the first 4 days after the launch, the targeted campaign reached 12,653 unique residents of Lake County, were seen 37,617 times, and had 2,706 link click to the resulting knowledge sources. Additionally, over 150 residents signed up to stay informed on COVID-19 updates from the health department.

    We are stewards of our client spends. This activity cost the client only $285.64 of Facebook marketing dollars.

    Covid-19 Facebook Marketing

    As a peripheral result, while not a target of these campaigns, activity to the Lake County General Health Department in terms of all KPIs increased exponentially.

    • Page views for the Facebook site were up 1021%
    • Page likes for the Facebook site were up 2750%
    • Post reach increased 660%
    • Post engagement (those commenting or sharing) went up 1350%
    • Video views increased 2780%
    • Page followers increased 2646%

    Public Health Facebook Marketing Campaign

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    Expert Witness Testimony

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    The Ask:

    One of our law firm clients, McMillan and Sobel, asked us to help with discovery in a case related to child custody. The father wanted the child to remain with him post-divorce, as the child’s school was 10 minutes from his place of residence. The mother’s home was 45 minutes from the child’s school and it did not seem reasonable for the child to have that much additional travel time each day.

    Seems like an easy choice, correct? Actually, the mother knew that the father was never home and frequently traveling. The child was actually at the father’s parent’s home most of the time. This location was 45 minutes away from the school, as well.

    Knowtion’s Response:

    There were many challenges to this case, as a minor was involved. It was learned that ths child had a mobile phone with the Android operating system. By default, the phone tracked all location data, in 6-minute intervals.

    Compiling 6 months of location data from the minor’s phone, with maternal permission, Knowtion was able to put together a detailed scatter plot diagram detailing locations, times, and frequency of the child’s whereabouts during school days.

    The Results:

    It was determined that the child spent 80% of school days associated with the paternal visits at the in-laws homes — 45 minutes away from school. Additionally, it was also determined that the child was taken out of the country for a trip that the mother did not approve.

    When presented at pre-trial, the father and his attorney were nearly speechless, and the settlement was quickly reached in favor of the mother retaining custody.

    Count on us to provide experienced and impartial collection, analysis and interpretation of electronic data related to your next court case or trial.