Knowtion to create experiential learning platform for Lake and Geauga County school districts

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    Knowtion is proud to announce that it will be architecting, co-developing, and deploying a fully responsive experiential learning platform for K-12 (41 school districts). Set to launch in September 2017, the platform will enable businesses, school districts, students and the general public to view and track experiential learning opportunities such as job shadowing, internships, site visits and speaking opportunities. More to come soon!

    Knowtion to present at Lake County Development Council Meeting June 9, 2017

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    Lake County Development Council Ohio

    In June your Lake County Development Council presents a much needed discussion on how our area, much like the rest of the country, will be challenged to redirect a growing sector of its workforce into new skill sets to maximize ROI on future market opportunities. Good paying, purposeful jobs will be available… but will we be ready?

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